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    Peugeot Appolia Ceramic 14" Square Baker, Eggplant

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    A natural, resistant material, with ideal thermal inertia to keep dishes hot for up to 30 minutes after being removed from the oven, ceramic enables dishes to be evenly cooked through and is synonymous with healthy, tasty recipes. The Peugeot Appolia 36cm square ceramic dish is ideal for creating fish dishes, meats, gratins or crumbles for two to enjoy. A timeless classic, it's ideal for showcasing all recipes. The quality of Peugeot ceramic cookware guarantees an unrivalled resistance against impacts and thermal shocks. Its anti-abrasion enamelling and its rounded sides make cleaning quick and easy.

    - 100% French production (Brittany)
    - Warranty: 10 years
    - Ceramic composition, 100% natural ingredients
    - Gentle, even cooking for thoroughly healthy food
    - Keeps food warm for up to 30 minutes
    - Can go from freezer to preheated oven without the risk of thermal shock
    - High-strength glazed enamel: speedy cleaning, long-lasting colour and shine, abrasion resistance: independently laboratory tested
    - Wide ridged handles for an easy grip
    - Rounded corners make it easy to use and easy to clean
    - Nesting sizes for space saving
    - High edges for generous dishes
    - Ovenproof (250°C), suitable for microwave, freezer (-20°C), dishwasher
    - External dimensions (including handles): L 14.25" x W 11.5" x H 3"
    - Internal dimensions: L 11.5" x W 11.5" x H 3"
    - Volume: 5.4L