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What are the perks?

For Tier 1:

•   Double the rewards (2 x commission) your first 2 weeks!
•   30% off your first purchase as a Be Home affiliate.
•   Plus, access to exclusive discounts & promotions.
•   Up to 20% commission with program milestones based on gross sales.
•   Paid rewards unlocked at each new milestone!
•   Annual birthday gift.
•   Bonuses with each new referral.
•   Early access to new product launches.

For Tier 2 & VIP:
•   Free product each year!
•   Annual gifting for Earth Day.


Fun Addition To Our Mug Collection

"These mugs!! Our first set of latte mugs and they did not dissapoint. They're not only beautiful (the jade color translates in real life exactly and the crosshatch detail is gorgeous), but sturdy and multifaceted. Can't you see them as small soupdishes as well?? We're excited to use them that way. Thanks so much Be Home!"

 The best tray ever!

"10/10 By far my most favorite tray I have ever owned. It’s perfect for serving and using for decor. Great quality and so simply beautiful"

- Natalie W.

Love this product!

"I love that this decanter can be used in multiple ways. It is aesthetically pleasing so I love to use it as decor in my kitchen. And it is also great for making drinks when hosting!"

So beautiful.

"This cutting board is like butter. It’s so smooth and beautiful, easy to cut on and has stayed really beautiful over the last 6 months or so of use: highly recommend!"


How do affiliate earnings work?

As a Be Home affiliate, your journey to earning rewards is a personalized and seamless experience:

  1. Get Started:
    • Sign Up: Begin by signing up on ShareASale and becoming a valued member of our affiliate program.
    • Your Style Matters: Our team delves into your social media, email newsletters, and blog posts to understand your aesthetic and preferences.
    • Special Welcome: Enjoy a special welcome with a curated gift package featuring our best-selling Be Home products tailored to your style.
  2. Unlock Affiliate Tools:
    • Your Exclusive Code: Simultaneously, we share your exclusive custom discount code. Your audience can now enjoy a 10% discount on orders from
    • Guided Onboarding: We're here to guide you through the entire process, explaining how to use affiliate links and custom codes. Discover best practices to maximize your earnings within the program.
  3. Receive Be Home Products:
    • Unbox Your Goodies: Your carefully curated gift package is on its way, introducing you to the quality and appeal of Be Home products.
    • Showcase Your Creativity: Take this opportunity to create engaging videos and photo content showcasing the products. Your unique content becomes a valuable asset for promoting Be Home.
  4. Promote and Earn:
    • Your Tools, Your Choice: Whether through the ShareASale affiliate link or your custom discount code, start promoting Be Home across your preferred channels.
    • Express Yourself: The more creative and engaging your posts and captions, the greater the impact. Regular sharing keeps the brand in the minds of your existing audience and introduces it to new followers.
    • Earn Weekly Rewards: Depending on the method you choose (link or code), your commission is automatically processed by ShareASale or manually transferred by our team on a weekly basis.

This personalized and supportive process ensures that you not only receive a warm introduction to Be Home but also gain the tools and assistance needed to effectively showcase the love for our products to your audience. Your journey to increased earnings starts now as you share the Be Home experience!

How do I receive my unique code and link?

Once you've successfully signed up as a Be Home affiliate on ShareASale, we're excited to kickstart your journey with us! Here's how you'll receive your unique code and link:

1. Affiliate Onboarding:

  • After signing up on ShareASale, our team meticulously reviews your social media accounts, email newsletters, and blog posts to understand your aesthetic and preferences.

2. Custom Gift Package:

  • Based on our review, we curate a personalized gift package featuring our best-selling Be Home products. This package is carefully sent to your address, offering you an exclusive introduction to the quality and style of our brand.

3. Introduction to Affiliate Tools:

  • Alongside the gift package, we provide you with your exclusive custom discount code. This code allows your audience to enjoy a 10% discount on orders from, enhancing the value you bring to your followers.

4. ShareASale Affiliate Dashboard:

  • Simultaneously, you gain access to your ShareASale affiliate dashboard, where you'll find your unique affiliate link. This link is ready for use across your various platforms.

5. Onboarding Support:

  • To ensure you make the most of your affiliate partnership, we guide you through the entire process. We share best practices and tips on maximizing your earnings within our program.

6. Content Creation Opportunity:

  • With your Be Home products in hand, you have the opportunity to create engaging videos and photo content. This content becomes a powerful tool for promoting Be Home to your audience.

7. Promotion and Earnings:

  • You can start promoting Be Home through your chosen channels, using either the ShareASale affiliate link or your custom discount code.

8. Commission Processing:

  • Depending on the method used (link or code), your commission is automatically processed by ShareASale for link-generated sales or manually transferred by our team for code-generated sales on a weekly basis.

This comprehensive onboarding process ensures you receive not only a warm welcome to the Be Home family with our curated gift package but also the necessary tools and support to kick off your affiliate journey successfully.

How do I climb up the tiers?

Climbing up the tiers in our affiliate program is a fantastic way to unlock more benefits and maximize your earnings. Here's a guide on how to ascend the tiers:

1. Performance-Based Tiers:

  • Our affiliate program operates on performance-based tiers, meaning the more successful you are in driving sales and engagement, the higher your tier.

2. Increase Sales and Conversions:

  • Focus on driving sales through your unique affiliate link and custom discount code. The more conversions you generate, the closer you get to moving up the tiers.

3. Consistent Promotion:

  • Regularly promote Be Home across your social media, blog, or other platforms. Consistency in sharing and engaging with your audience contributes to your tier advancement.

4. Quality Content Creation:

  • Elevate your content creation by showcasing Be Home products in creative and compelling ways. Quality content attracts more attention and leads to increased conversions.

5. Encourage Code Usage:

  • Encourage your audience to use your custom discount code during their purchases. Higher code usage is a key factor in tier progression.

6. Engage Your Audience:

  • Actively engage with your audience and respond to their inquiries. Building a loyal and interactive community enhances your influence and contributes to climbing the tiers.

7. Track Your Progress:

  • Keep an eye on your performance metrics and track your progress through your ShareASale affiliate dashboard. This provides insights into your sales, conversions, and overall impact.

8. Tier Advancement Benefits:

  • As you move up the tiers, you'll unlock additional benefits such as higher commission rates, exclusive promotional opportunities, and priority access to new product releases.

9. Reach Out for Support:

  • If you have questions or need assistance in optimizing your affiliate strategy, feel free to reach out to our dedicated affiliate support team. We're here to help you succeed.

By consistently delivering results and engaging your audience effectively, you'll naturally progress through the tiers, unlocking new opportunities and enjoying greater rewards within our affiliate program. Keep up the great work, and watch your affiliate journey soar to new heights!

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